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Music · 15 December 2020
This month Giuseppe Ottaviani launches his online Producer Masterclass, a fully formed modular learning deck for music producers. For the venture, he brought in a team who helped him design it to be undertaken either progressively, step-by-step or in a jump-right-in manner.

Music · 11 October 2020
‘Rain’ has gone through more than your average number of metamorphoses in its short history, and not least in its title. Starting life last year with a ‘November’ prefix, it arrived as part of Cold Blue’s ‘Winter’ album, and an expo of the German producer’s deeper capabilities. From there he spun it off to his July-released ‘Summer Chills’ LP, where it title-hopped to ‘August Rain’, turning the original’s moodsome demeanour into seven chilled minutes.

Music · 19 August 2020
Last year’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ culminated in the November arrival of ‘ISOS’’s first ‘winter edition’. For 2020 though, Black Hole Recordings recently released the 16th edition this month, compiled by Markus Schulz, who returns for a third expedition, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Roger Shah, who dons his Sunlounger guise for its third disc.

Music · 19 February 2020
2020 sees Giuseppe Ottaviani using his Live 2.0’s ‘studio-in-a-suitcase’.