Giuseppe Ottaviani

Giuseppe Ottaviani

In the eyes of his fans, Giuseppe has apparently remained the most steadfast producer in the genre. Known for his productions, there’s a possible perception of him as a ‘known-quantity’. For those prepared to look deeper though, there’s always been another side to him, more recently as a teacher through his Masterclass production series.

Giuseppe aims to be an innovator, balancing out dependability with hidden-in-plain-sight advancements. That characteristic has now been channelled into his ‘Horizons’ project.


Giuseppe Ottaviani: “Change seems to have become our ‘constant’ of late. As such, I imagine that something of this nature was always going to be reflected in the ‘Horizons’ albums.


“It's music produced with less of a clubfloor focus to it. Adaptable, but at this moment in time, not reliant upon.”


With the artistic taps wide-open, ‘Horizons’ productions became an outpour. To such a degree in fact, that it spilled the banks of the conventional album and was divided, naturally enough, into two. 


Through its advance-word singles, ‘Horizons [Part 1]’ has already outlined a cooler, deeper, more mindful tone to fans. That has brought voices known in other electronic music quarters to trance’s door. 


Among them have been songstresses like Monika Santucci, April Bender, Mila Josef and Natalie Shay. He also draws on deeper tones from vocalists like Jan Burton and Dan Soleil, all of who collectively shape the unique sound of ‘Horizons [Part 1]’. 


The first part of ‘Horizons’ is released on 20 May on Black Hole Recordings. 

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