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Music · 07 March 2023
RAM gets set to drop his second album, ‘Wanderlust’, this month. Over a spectrum of references, ranging from the super-subtle to the all-out overt, the release is the follow up to his 2015 debut ‘Forever Love’ and celebrates the travelling aspect of DJ culture to its fullest degree.

Cosmic Gate
Music · 11 February 2023
‘Chapter One’ of Cosmic Gate’s ‘MOSAIIK’ album series touched off a post-lockdown tour, bigger and more extensive than some could’ve imagined. Now the GRAMMY-nominated act start the new year with the announcement of the now-imminent arrival of ‘MOSAIIK Chapter Two’. The 3rd of March isn’t that far away, but it may seem much closer still when you learn what Nic & Bossi have in store for the interim.

Dennis Sheperd
Music · 15 December 2022
Long before lockdown, Dennis Sheperd was possibly way ahead of the conversational curve, addressing the areas of mindfulness and mental wellbeing through his 2015 album, ‘Fight Your Fear’. Given that six years elapsed between that LP and 2021’s ‘Find The Sunrise’, you could be forgiven for a sense of surprise at the speed with which he’s achieved ‘Sunrise’s follow-up.

Giuseppe Ottaviani
Music · 08 December 2022
It was lockdown that provided the initial inspirational gleaming for the non-club-centric nature of ‘Horizons’. Its get-go single was over a year ago though and it now feels like just the first of several inspirations, as opposed to its single guiding principle. To create an album that had a wholly different feel, the methodology of Giuseppe’s studio-craft naturally had to adapt.

Ciaran McAuley
Music · 30 November 2022
This month sees Ciaran McAuley release his debut long-player. After a dozen years as a recording artist and five since he became a standalone operator, he's released ‘Permission To Exhale’ on Black Hole Recordings.

Music · 20 November 2022
As artists in their own right, Sue McLaren and Suzanne Chesterton have covered a good deal of stylistic ground. However, as Siskin, they’ve shaped, focused and honed that into their artistic quintessence, doing it all in a little over 12 months and, as of today, seven singles as they sign off their ‘Seratonin EP’ with ‘Always You’.

Music · 23 October 2022
If you’ve been feeling any of Siskin’s pressure of late, you’ll also recognise that it comes with a different feel than you may be used to. Last year, the sister-ship of Sue McLaren and Suzanne Chesterton released the ‘Dopamine EP’, which presented a four-pack of tracks that outlined their style.

Music · 11 October 2022
‘Hope’, the latest track from Solarstone, takes flight with melodies which gravitate straight to the production’s centre. Once aloft, they enter a slipstream of his piano notes, reflective pads and chords and vocal harmonies, all of which aim to bring an optimism to the track’s tone.

Emma Hewitt
Music · 03 October 2022
Emma Hewitt recently released her latest solo single offering, ‘Collide’. The second successive single taken from the Australian born singer-songwriter’s forthcoming artist album, ‘Ghost of the Light’, she continues to explore contrasting sonic territories with her original versions accompanied by remixes.

RAM & Susana Pres. Tales Of Life
Music · 18 September 2022
RAM and Susana have apparently always enjoyed an emotional studio connection and it’s one that goes back almost a decade to the their ‘RAMelia’. Their Tales Of Life collaborations though are held back for a certain vibe and style of track, and for the last one you need only look to 2020’s ‘You Are Enough’. In keeping with that, they now present ‘The Power Of Love’.

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