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Dennis Sheperd X Eke
Music · 31 December 2020
The final single action ahead of the January 2021 release of ‘Find The Sunrise’ – Dennis Sheperd’s third studio album - sees the German producer release ‘Playing With Fire’. Created in concert with Dutch singer/songwriter Eke (whose previous works include collaborations with Headhunterz, Ruben de Ronde and others), the track was sparked over musings between the pair on relationships past.

Christina Novelli
Music · 25 December 2020
‘Numb’ is the final act in the single-saga birthed by ‘Through My Eyes’ - Christina Novelli’s, acoustically-based 2019 album. Again it puts into the sharpest focus the singer’s ability to draw from deep within and - filter-free - express her innermost through word and voice. The track is another venture into those recesses, and one that walks the tightrope between beauty, vulnerability and positivity.

Music · 20 November 2020
A body of music that fuses trance, techno and D&B with progressive and poetry, ambient and acid and harmony and hard dance, the ‘Last King Of Scotland’ aims to vie for the tag of ‘timeless’. It is a musical narration of Will Atkinson’s own path, that of a patriotic, electronic music loving boy growing up in a far-flung corner before moving on, out and up to possible global recognition.

Music · 26 October 2020
Aleksander Stawierej releases his first album, ‘Everything Is Connected’. The Warsaw-based artist is keyholder to monikers like Raw Tech Audio & ACIDØ; the A&R warden of the Mental Asylum label and through his Indecent Noise guise, probably its foremost resident. The latter’s an alias that - over the last 10 years - has become indivisibly linked with the sound of the 303, aiming to leave his musical bootprint on planet trance.

Music · 03 October 2020
That the eighth album from Markus Schulz is arriving in extraordinary times scarcely needs saying, but it’s the direction that artists chose to take with that abundance of additional production time that’s now providing the real insights. Some might’ve imagined that Markus would take our harder times as the artistic cue to re-don his Dakota mask as he last did in the winter of 2017.

Music · 25 August 2020
Following its announcement earlier in the month, Dennis Sheperd opens the singles account for his forthcoming ‘Find The Sunrise’ album. ‘I Can Feel’ is the first release to studio-unite Dennis with fellow countrymen Roger ‘Sunlounger’ Shah with a track that’s a two-hander created by artists with their own individual sounds, and an appreciation of each other’s.

Music · 19 August 2020
Last year’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ culminated in the November arrival of ‘ISOS’’s first ‘winter edition’. For 2020 though, Black Hole Recordings recently released the 16th edition this month, compiled by Markus Schulz, who returns for a third expedition, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Roger Shah, who dons his Sunlounger guise for its third disc.

Music · 23 July 2020
Grammy-Nominated artist BT recently announced his new studio album ‘The Lost Art Of Longing’.

Music · 23 June 2020
Grammy-Nominated film composer BT has just released his new double single ‘1AM in Paris’ / ‘The War’ on Black Hole Recordings. 

Music · 26 April 2020
With ‘Indestructible’, the Feb-released/Adina Butar-sung first single, Markus Schulz gave a precursor for his upcoming 2020 album.

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