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Driftmoon x Ruben De Ronde x 88Birds
Music · 19 June 2024
In the last 12 months, Driftmoon’s gone from being an ‘I’ back to a ‘We’, with Miikka Leinonen rejoining Driftmoon’s other founder member Juraj Klička. After seven years apart, the reunification aims to be a force for their change.
Music · 18 June 2024
In trance music’s possible alphabet, G could be for Germany, while H could only ever count for Holland… ports-of-call already made by the ‘Hypnotised’ album series. And, despite its neatly compact size, Belgium has left an outsized impression on the genre and that’s where ‘Hypnotised - A Journey Through Belgian Trance Music 1992 - 2003’’s roots-to-musical-riches series arrived.

John Askew & Shelby Merry
Music · 09 May 2024
John and Shelby’s paths first crossed when he relocated Ms Merry’s ‘When Darkness Comes’ from its folk/country origins to 2022’s club floors. Since then, John and the Ohio-born/Nashville-based singer have stayed in contact, always contemplating a follow-up to the track, and the opportunity presented itself with the 10-year anniversary of Shelby’s ‘Young Guns’ album. A plan was hatched to reimagine one of his favourites from its number.
Solarstone & Evan Henzi
Music · 30 April 2024
Having started the year with his Stine Grove-vocal-led ‘The One’, the Pure Trance artist now releases a vocal number with Evan Henzi. Evan’s will be a fresh name to some, but (through his work with Gareth Emery, Ashley Wallbridge and others), possibly already embedded for others. His teaming with Kristina Sky and Danny Stubbs on Pure Trance Recordings’ ‘Rollercoaster’ may bring the quickest finger-snap of recognition.

Cosmic Gate & Christian Burns
Music · 05 April 2024
Cosmic Gate recently premiered their new single, ‘Brave’, during their ASOT 2024 set, and apparently, the response they received from those in attendance in Rotterdam was ‘greater than even the duo dared hope’.
Music · 05 March 2024
Following their January debut for Black Hole, Ilan Bulestone, Maor Levi and Emma Hewitt go for two for two with their new production ‘Sparks In The Night’. Their previous track ‘Light Years’ brought the Elysian trio into the label’s orbit at the start of 2024 and they have wasted little time in building on its apparent success.

Christina Novelli
Music · 09 February 2024
Since she entered the electronic music space, taking the alt-route has become part of Christina Novelli’s course. To start putting that into context, her new album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You!’ is the direct follow-up to 2019’s ‘Through My Eyes’. Given that the latter was an all-acoustic affair, while this release could hardly be more ‘club’, it allows you some idea of the artistic latitude she has carved for herself.
Daniel Wanrooy & JES
Music · 02 December 2023
Across their respective histories, Daniel Wanrooy, JES and ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ have shared a good degree of commonality. Both artists’ careers kicked off within a few years of the series’ launching, and since they’ve supplied it, and its label with many releases.

Christina Novelli
Music · 13 November 2023
With tags like ‘Leaving Me’, ‘Beautiful Lies’ and ‘Fallen Ones’, you may be thinking the course of true love wasn’t running smooth for Christina Novelli. However, it’s not the headlines that count here, but the between-the-lines implications of her songs. With subtlety, she goes beyond their titles to tell matters-of-the-heart tales and with the final action of her second 2023 EP, she aims to clarify those complexities with her latest track ‘I’m Not Sad’.
Music · 23 September 2023
Siskin’s, ‘We Are Siskin’ might go down as a decent longplaying debut; one without a vocal, lyric, arrangement or note even remotely out of place and that’s entirely due to the artistic connection shared by Sue McLaren and Suzanne Chesterton. It’s one that saw them define their sound with their very first release and then emphasise it with every one that’s followed!

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