Driftmoon x Ruben De Ronde x 88Birds

Driftmoon x Ruben De Ronde x 88Birds

In the last 12 months, Driftmoon’s gone from being an ‘I’ back to a ‘We’, with Miikka Leinonen rejoining Driftmoon’s other founder member Juraj Klička. After seven years apart, the reunification aims to be a force for their change. 

With a 2024 album on the rise (Driftmoon’s first since ‘Remember The Night’ in 2019), they’ve been equalising their classically melodic sound with more atypical fare. And none more so perhaps than last month’s metal guitar-led track ‘Earth Song’.  


For its follow-up, the Finnish/Slovak duo are joined by Ruben de Ronde. Possibly known for his melodic production approach, through releases like ‘Bloodstream’, ‘The Distance’ and ‘Oxygen‘ (alongside 88Birds), he may have become one of the progressive genre’s leading lights. 


Now, they’ve reconnected with singer-songwriter, 88Birds, to release ‘Colour Of Your Eyes’ on Black Hole Recordings.


The track falls somewhere between the album’s earlier singles (‘Bliss’ ‘Prime Example’, and ‘Falling’) and ‘Earth Song’. Juraj, Miikka and Ruben frame the track in a progressive manner, never letting one of its sounds, sequences or elements overpower another. 


Its song, meanwhile, sees 88Birds shift between the Bjorkian provocations of her verses and its harmonised chorus. 

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