Daniel Wanrooy & JES

Daniel Wanrooy & JES

Across their respective histories, Daniel Wanrooy, JES and ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ have shared a good degree of commonality. Both artists’ careers kicked off within a few years of the series’ launching, and since they’ve supplied it, and its label with many releases. 

Those arcs have culminated with Daniel mixing one of ‘ISOS19’s discs, and JES teaming with him for its overture.      


Chiming with ‘In Search Of Sunrise'’s first ‘winter edition’, ‘We’ll Be Together’ inclines towards the moodier end, scene-setting Daniel’s mix. To its unhurried production and tempo, he brings tribally drums, echoic FX, Balearic-ally flecked guitars and the most evocative of riffs.


While on their surface, JES’ lyrics swim with positivity, there’s a wistful nature to her delivery. Aiming to gently pluck the heartstrings, the track’s chorus also has a touch of the wishful to it, hinting at a less-than-certain future for its paramours. 

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