Solarstone & Evan Henzi

Solarstone & Evan Henzi

Having started the year with his Stine Grove-vocal-led ‘The One’, the Pure Trance artist now releases a vocal number with Evan Henzi. Evan’s will be a fresh name to some, but (through his work with Gareth Emery, Ashley Wallbridge and others), possibly already embedded for others. His teaming with Kristina Sky and Danny Stubbs on Pure Trance Recordings’ ‘Rollercoaster’ may bring the quickest finger-snap of recognition.

With ‘Revelation’, Solarstone’s string-strung overture gives way to a bassy drive. Further in, Vangelis-like feels affect a mellow drama to its midsection before his cultivated, post-break elevation lifts the track again.


Evan’s tones permeate every pore of the track, while the song’s theme likewise journeys far and wide. Through it, his mind “roams further from home”, down some “rocky roads”, all the while contemplating whether to actually stay or go. 


‘Revelation’ is out now on Pure Trance / Black Hole Recordings.

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