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Solarstone & Stine Grove
Music · 12 January 2024
Solarstone and Stine Grove have discog history together, though thus far it’s an incomplete one. Stine’s released her solo material on Pure Trance and has been remixed (on ‘Against The Flow’) by Solarstone.
Music · 15 February 2023
Robert Nickson’s RNX is an alter-ego that he’s been dipping in and out of for a decade or more, working closely with Solarstone’s Pure Trance Recordings. Since the label’s formation, he’s aired 17 productions through the label including ‘Colorado’ and ‘Atoms’ and his RNX revision of Solarstone’s ‘Rain Stars Eternal’. Robert also co-mixed ‘Pure Trance Vol.6’ and between his two monikers, he’s apparently been the label’s bestselling artist.

Pure Trance
Music · 09 November 2021
If ever there was a moment for Pure Trance to take a year off, it has to have been the least dancefloor-friendly one of the last century. By the same token though, if there was a 365 for it to return… So it is then that - on the cusp of hitting double-digits - the mix-comp series spawned by Solarstone (Richard Mowatt)’s grassroots movement returns in 2021.
Music · 31 August 2021
When it comes to rolling out the single hardware ahead of his third artist album (due October), Rob Stevenson’s not been shy. The ‘Origins’ LP has already given tracks like ‘Polestar’ and vocal pieces including the Shannon Hurley-sung ‘Return To Life’ and Shelley Segal’s turn on ‘Fall In’.