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If ever there was a moment for Pure Trance to take a year off, it has to have been the least dancefloor-friendly one of the last century. By the same token though, if there was a 365 for it to return… So it is then that - on the cusp of hitting double-digits - the mix-comp series spawned by Solarstone (Richard Mowatt)’s grassroots movement returns in 2021. 

Solarstone & Stoneface & Terminal
Solarstone & Stoneface & Terminal

In a manner of speaking, Rich brings you two ‘Stones’ for your hard earned in 2021. ‘V9’ sees Solarstone joined by Stoneface & Terminal for another collection of the very purest of the ‘Pure’. 


Over the last decade, the album’s make-up has crystallised around several core paradigms. Feeding into the genre’s future, the discovery and elevation of new talents (of which the ninth volume features many) remains central. 


As does Richard’s mission to return some names to its fore, ensuring that the classic feel of genre is baked in. It also affords Rich the opportunity to – where innate – introduce and trancify some music from outside electronic music’s sphere. 


Further, both Richard and Stoneface & Terminal (Henri Nix & Matthi Gierth) have taken the opportunity to (exclusively for the album) remix some tracks from the genre’s dawn.


Featuring music from the likes of M.I.K.E. Push, Lost Witness, Basil O’Glue, Robert NIckson & Lostly, Lustral, Cosmic Baby, Sunscreem and more, it’s out 12 November.

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