Cosmic Gate & Christian Burns

Cosmic Gate & Christian Burns

Cosmic Gate recently premiered their new single, ‘Brave’, during their ASOT 2024 set, and apparently, the response they received from those in attendance in Rotterdam was ‘greater than even the duo dared hope’.  

Cosmic Gate
Cosmic Gate

The track represents the first material, post ‘MOSAIIK - Chapters One & Two’ - the twin albums that reset Cosmic Gate’s sonic to something “deeper, more progressive and song-led”. The music that followed was only going to advance that ethic further and this single sees them in a first-time collaboration with multi-award winning singer/songwriter Christian Burns.


Christian Burns: “Working on something together has been on the cards for quite some time. It was never about doing a track… but doing the right one, though."


Cosmic Gate: The moment we heard Christian’s ‘Brave’ demo, we knew we’d found the one. The song has a unique atmosphere and, production-wise, I think we knew what we were going to do with it before we’d finished our first listen!”


Carried by Christian’s lingering delivery, its words convey a message. It meditates on the courage needed to dig deep and find enough heart to fight the good fight - whatever form it might take. Cosmic Gate tint the track’s production with tribal drums, bass, horns, lament-laced piano and FX.


‘Brave’ is out now on Black Hole Recordings.

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