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Music · 19 April 2024
Sublease Music welcomes Vincenzo, possibly one of the longest-serving producers on the house circuit, with ‘Assassin’, a deep and rolling house cut. The track builds around a bassline, with percussion adding the groove before pads add the texture to the groove.
Ross Kiser
Music · 31 January 2024
Ross Kiser steps up for Sublease Music with two new tracks that reflect the maturing of his sound over the last few years. The US-based artist had set out to make a darker, minimal EP highlighting synth work and textures to create groove and atmosphere.

Markus Homm, Brad Brunner, AG Swifty
Music · 08 January 2023
Sublease Music puts out another release, this time handing the floor to Markus Homm, Brad Brunner and AG Swifty. Markus is a veteran of the house and tech scene, and apparently a regular at some of the scene’s foundational venues such as Berghain. His collaborators might have less experience, but bring a whole new flavour to the cooking pot.
Arkady Antsyrev
Music · 03 December 2022
Deep new music on Sublease courtesy of Arkady Antsyrev. The DJ/producer pulls out the stops for this three-tracker on Steve Bug’s home for deep dancefloor sounds, referencing classic Chicago and New York house sounds while adding his own spin to things.

Anderson M & Lucid Distraction
Music · 05 October 2022
New on Sublease Music is a collaboration from Anderson M and Lucid Distraction. Both having carved out specific niches in their own careers, this collab brings together both their outputs for a cut that aims to bring a lot of joy over the next weeks and months.
Music · 16 September 2022
Bengoa is Stathis Karipidis, a Greek musician, producer, songwriter and DJ based in Athens, Greece. His wide ranging taste and multifaceted production skills have resulted in a slew of tracks, EPs and remixes since his debut in 2006.

Gareth Cole
Music · 10 June 2022
Gareth Cole is the ambitious Brit who has been aiming to carve a name for himself as a purveyor of house and techno both as a producer and DJ. Here he signs up to Steve Bug’s Sublease Music for three slices of deep, techy house. First up is ‘Signal’, a low-slung groover with hypnotic keys, and a thick, rounded bottom end driving the track forward.
Steve Kelley
Music · 04 January 2022
Steve Kelley began almost 20 years ago as a DJ having apparently played for some of the largest and respected brands in dance music, ‘his knowledge of house music in all its forms is formidable.’ Steve’s deep and chunky approach fits perfectly with Steve Bug’s Sublease Music.