Bengoa is Stathis Karipidis, a Greek musician, producer, songwriter and DJ based in Athens, Greece. His wide ranging taste and multifaceted production skills have resulted in a slew of tracks, EPs and remixes since his debut in 2006.

Featuring here on Steve Bug’s Sublease label, Bengoa releases two tracks of deep, tech house.


Lead track ‘Memories, Feelings’ features the vocal talents of Dean Hewins, set to an hypnotic groove.


The original is hard to top, but label honcho Steve Bug steps up for a remix, adding some wound grooves and drum programming that he’s possibly known for.


The EP also features another original cut - ‘I Need To Move’ - which features Jenny’s vocals, urging you to succumb to the track’s tech Bengoahouse vibe.


It’s out 23 September.

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