Ross Kiser

Ross Kiser

Ross Kiser steps up for Sublease Music with two new tracks that reflect the maturing of his sound over the last few years. The US-based artist had set out to make a darker, minimal EP highlighting synth work and textures to create groove and atmosphere.

‘Catacombs’ is a deep and dark rolling joint that foregrounds intricate synths and sounds over drums and percussion. 


Ross Kiser: “I wanted to create a sense of tension and release that not only worked in a groovy sense but also for the dancefloor. I chose and created sounds that in my ears had power and depth, and I’m super happy with the end result.”


Next up is ‘Differently’ which uses a similar sound palette but with a slightly more housey result. 


Ross Kiser: “It has a slightly housier (deep) and groovier feel to it, featuring a more melodic bassline that is meant to get you moving. I love playing with vocals and so when I found the “hook” or the simple yet elegant “Differently” vocal stab, it immediately worked and sat nicely in the mix.”


Nürnberg based Markus Homm rounds off the EP with a stripped-down and even deeper remix of ‘Catacombs’.


'Catacombs' is out 9 February on Sublease Music.

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