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In Search Of Sunrise
Music · 14 September 2021
For its 2021 outing, ‘In Search Of Sunrise’’s gatekeepers’ Black Hole Recordings have been thorough in their selection of the 17th edition’s mixers. One shoe-in is Markus Schulz, here helming his fourth mix, and again bringing it with new material - both from his own and others’ hands.

Music · 03 October 2020
That the eighth album from Markus Schulz is arriving in extraordinary times scarcely needs saying, but it’s the direction that artists chose to take with that abundance of additional production time that’s now providing the real insights. Some might’ve imagined that Markus would take our harder times as the artistic cue to re-don his Dakota mask as he last did in the winter of 2017.

Music · 19 August 2020
Last year’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ culminated in the November arrival of ‘ISOS’’s first ‘winter edition’. For 2020 though, Black Hole Recordings recently released the 16th edition this month, compiled by Markus Schulz, who returns for a third expedition, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Roger Shah, who dons his Sunlounger guise for its third disc.

Music · 26 April 2020
With ‘Indestructible’, the Feb-released/Adina Butar-sung first single, Markus Schulz gave a precursor for his upcoming 2020 album.

Music · 13 February 2020
Having shared a life together through song title and lyric (not least ‘Breathe Me To Life’, ‘You & I’, ‘Universe Is Mine’ & ‘Muse’), soul mates Markus and Adina now open another chapter.

Music · 01 November 2019
‘In Search Of Sunrise’’s 15th musical quest has broken with its release tradition by picking up an autumn spot for 2019.

Music · 04 October 2019
A story which spanned some 18 months; Markus Schulz's ‘We Are the Light’ presentation reaches a climax with an extensive packages of remixes; involving the curation of many remixers.

Music · 24 August 2019
‘Deeply personal’ is a phrase often used to describe artists’ releases. In the respect of ‘Ave Maria’ though it takes on a greater meaning.

Music · 30 July 2019
Some artistic unions are really only a matter of time, which is the case with the first in-studio teaming between DJ/producer Markus Schulz and composer/singer BT.