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Christina Novelli
Music · 25 December 2020
‘Numb’ is the final act in the single-saga birthed by ‘Through My Eyes’ - Christina Novelli’s, acoustically-based 2019 album. Again it puts into the sharpest focus the singer’s ability to draw from deep within and - filter-free - express her innermost through word and voice. The track is another venture into those recesses, and one that walks the tightrope between beauty, vulnerability and positivity.

Music · 15 April 2020
Last autumn Christina Novelli’s largely unplugged ‘Through My Eyes’ LP served as the platform for ‘It’ll End In Tears’.

Music · 30 November 2019
The penultimate month of 2019 sees the release of a long-player from Christina Novelli, 'Through My Eyes [The Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1]', an album that dials Christina’s songs - both recent and older - right back to their origin points.