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Christina Novelli
Music · 09 February 2024
Since she entered the electronic music space, taking the alt-route has become part of Christina Novelli’s course. To start putting that into context, her new album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You!’ is the direct follow-up to 2019’s ‘Through My Eyes’. Given that the latter was an all-acoustic affair, while this release could hardly be more ‘club’, it allows you some idea of the artistic latitude she has carved for herself.
Christina Novelli
Music · 13 November 2023
With tags like ‘Leaving Me’, ‘Beautiful Lies’ and ‘Fallen Ones’, you may be thinking the course of true love wasn’t running smooth for Christina Novelli. However, it’s not the headlines that count here, but the between-the-lines implications of her songs. With subtlety, she goes beyond their titles to tell matters-of-the-heart tales and with the final action of her second 2023 EP, she aims to clarify those complexities with her latest track ‘I’m Not Sad’.

Christina Novelli & Bo Bruce
Music · 05 October 2023
Christina Novelli’s latest track ‘Beautiful Lies’, finds her teaming up with Bo Bruce. Both of the artists grew up somewhat in the UK spotlight and in 2012 enjoyed near overnight success, Bruce as the season 1 finalist on The Voice and Novelli, with the track, ‘Concrete Angel’.
Christina Novelli
Music · 17 July 2023
Promising much at this year’s outset, Christina Novelli delivered with her Paul Oakenfold and Richard Durand team-ups. However, it’s the English singer/songwriter’s new solo standalone material that’s possibly garnered the greatest fire. That reaches its first summation now, as she completes her ‘Heavy EP’ with ‘Memories’.

Christina Novelli
Music · 25 December 2020
‘Numb’ is the final act in the single-saga birthed by ‘Through My Eyes’ - Christina Novelli’s, acoustically-based 2019 album. Again it puts into the sharpest focus the singer’s ability to draw from deep within and - filter-free - express her innermost through word and voice. The track is another venture into those recesses, and one that walks the tightrope between beauty, vulnerability and positivity.
Music · 15 April 2020
Last autumn Christina Novelli’s largely unplugged ‘Through My Eyes’ LP served as the platform for ‘It’ll End In Tears’.

Music · 30 November 2019
The penultimate month of 2019 sees the release of a long-player from Christina Novelli, 'Through My Eyes [The Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1]', an album that dials Christina’s songs - both recent and older - right back to their origin points.