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Andrea Oliva | Kevin Saunderson
Music · 10 January 2022
Kevin Saunderson has remixed the latest Andrea Oliva single ‘Transit’, out now on the Swiss artist’s freshly launched All I Need record label. Placing a firmer emphasis on the staccato strings that punctuate the original, Saunderson delivers a rework that accentuates the track’s cinematic melodies.

Music · 11 December 2021
After building momentum with the recently released ‘FYPM’ (feat. Jonathan) and ‘Sexy Boi’, Borgore releases his three-track ‘Slaughterhouse’ EP on Armada Music, comprising of the aforementioned tracks alongside new addition ‘Shadows’. Having already performed at events such as EDC Las Vegas, the offering aims to showcase the Israeli creator's versatility as a music maker.

Niiko x SWAE
Music · 19 November 2021
The recent string of releases of Armada Music regulars Niiko x SWAE finds the LA duo’s sound with possible crossover potential, and their latest vocal piece, ‘Typical Love’, is an example of that. Pushing the instrumental into the back seat to let its lyrical message take centre stage, the track is a pop/club track that aims to tell an insightful story.

Behind The Beats
Technology · 04 November 2021
Armada Music have launch its own podcast series ‘Behind The Beats’. Deep-diving into the memoirs of an array of industry people, the series has its guests providing answers to a range of questions such as why they ventured into the world of music, what their place in the music industry is and how they managed to gain their share of success.

Music · 28 October 2021
It’s been about four years since Borgore last released on Armada Music via his own Buygore imprint, and a lot has changed since then. Though still a player in the dubstep scene, the Israel-born, LA-based DJ/producer has also adopted a fresh, more house-focused sound and is now landing on the record label again to take the first step of this new project via ‘FYPM’ (feat. Jonathan.), the first track of his upcoming ‘Slaughterhouse EP’.

Saint Punk & MXMS
Music · 02 September 2021
Saint Punk has been playing his grunge house sound for quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean he shies away from exploring new sides to his productions. ‘Ghost Blood’ sees him collaborate with American pair MXMS and deliver a track that aims to set the bar high for all other tracks featured on his forthcoming album project.

John Digweed & Nick Muir
Music · 22 August 2021
John Digweed and longtime studio collaborator Nick Muir have spent years crafting productions together. Following the release of the 50-track compilation, ‘Quattro II’, from earlier this year, they return to lend their remix capabilities to two tracks. The latest offerings mark Digweed’s first official remixes in a few years and showcase his studio ability alongside Nick Muir.

Riggi & Piros
Music · 04 August 2021
New Jersey duo Riggi & Piros have been releasing singles on Armada Music since joining the record label last year. Now, ‘Another Love Song’ featuring Sarah Reeves, is the pair’s new single, dropped on the label as the first single of their first-ever – and love-themed – EP.

Joachim Pastor
Music · 09 July 2021
Following on from reworking Signum’s 1998 track ‘What Ya Got 4 Me’, Joachim Pastor places his style of production in the limelight again. Illustrating contrast through a mash of delicate plucks and curled bass tones, ‘Kenger’ aims to keep the momentum on an upward trajectory in the lead up to the release of the French artist’s first-ever album.

Music · 09 June 2021
Life stories and experiences have been at the centre of new music more often than not, and Arty probably isn’t one to hold back in that regard. Written together with Chloe Gaparini and Charlie Snyder (who also had a hand in ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Perfect Strangers’) when he came back to L.A. after visiting his family, ‘One Night Away’ is full of love, hope, happiness and heartfelt emotion, making it possibly one of his most personal singles to date.

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