Nico de Andrea & Rony Seikaly

Nico de Andrea & Rony Seikaly

Named one of DJ Mag’s artists to watch for February and recently featured on SiriusXM’s Chill channel, Nico de Andrea follows up the release of his debut artist album, ‘Love Therapy,’ with his newest single; a collaboration with house music DJ/producer and former NBA star Rony Seikaly, entitled ‘Lose Your Love.’  

Nico de Andrea Tour Dates
Nico de Andrea Tour Dates

Sampling ‘Your Love’ by English rock band The Outfield, the track has potential crossover appeal. Incorporating Seikaly’s grooving rhythms and De Andrea’s Afro house beats, the single takes a prime spot on the forthcoming deluxe version of ‘Love Therapy.’


Nico de Andrea: “Given how much our artistic universes have in common, it was obvious that I would collaborate on a track with Rony. I was so proud when Rony reached out to me to work on a track. I was a fan of Rony when I was young, watching him play in the NBA for the Miami Heat. I also became a fan of the producer and DJ when I discovered his unique sets at Circoloco and everywhere in the world. We share the same taste for dreamy and ethereal vocals. Today, we find ourselves halfway between our two styles, blending the softness of my project with Rony's more club-oriented approach. Taking on a track from the ‘80s also contributes to mixing the DNA of our projects; it is definitely nostalgic,” 


Rony Seikaly: “I really liked Nico’s style and wanted to collaborate on something that was halfway between him and me. We made it happen."


Released in January, ‘Love Therapy’ is inspired by Nico’s personal experiences of ‘impossible love, conflict, and separation’. The 12 tracks touch on themes of nostalgia, longing, passion, and hope and feature collaborations with the likes of Eli & Fur and Tensnake, to name a few. Released on 5 April, the deluxe version of ‘Love Therapy’ will include two new singles and eight remixes.


In support of these recent activities, Nico will hit the road in North America - with upcoming shows in New York, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more. 


‘Lose Your Love’ is available now on Armada Music.

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