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Tedd Patterson & Inaya Day
Music · 03 April 2024
Tedd Patterson continues to push his musical boundaries with his productions and still regularly plays at various dance music events. An NYC originator, through his residencies at various clubs, he apparently played a central part in establishing the scene and sound that continues today. Here, he collaborates with Inaya Day to drop his next release, ‘Piece Of Me’ on SoSure Music.
Inaya Day & Robin S.
Music · 20 January 2022
Known as ‘The Godfather Of House’, Frankie Knuckles had a career that spanned over four decades, his catalogue combines a wide range of releases and projects that were pivotal to the movement of house music.

Music · 25 August 2021
Frankie Knuckles’ sound possibly inspired a movement of love across dancefloors in Chicago and beyond. In retrospect of a career that spanned over four decades, there are moments that were probably pivotal to the movement of house music and changed the course of dance music. Frankie’s 1991 studio album ‘Beyond The Mix’ on Virgin Records, featured one track that would likely remain in the hearts and minds of generations to come.
Music · 03 November 2020
Arguably one of the most iconic house music moments, born from the black LGBTQ+ scene in Chicago at the legendary Warehouse nightclub and known as one of Frankie Knuckles' earliest productions; ‘Your Love’ is a classic.

Music · 24 August 2020
Each year, 25 August marks Frankie Knuckles Day and to celebrate the occasion and the history of the classic ‘The Whistle Song’, Eric Kupper himself via Hysteria and in collaboration with the Frankie Knuckles Foundation and SoSure Music, has reproduced and remastered the original demo mix that he handed to Frankie on tape in a studio session all those years ago, for a special one-sided release. The duo were friends, production partners and long-time writing collaborators for over 25 years.
Music · 30 June 2020
SoSure Music have released a remix package of the Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper production ‘Get Over U’ feat. B Slade.