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Lisa Moorish
Music · 08 February 2024
Singer Lisa Moorish was first told she looked like American poet Sylvia Plath around 20 years ago and ‘Sylvia’ is the first single from Lisa’s forthcoming album, ‘Divine Chaos’, out on Out Yer Box — the sister label to Jack Said What.
Music · 07 January 2024
The third single from EVL Tom’s forthcoming album on Out Yer Box, ‘Absolute Melt’, is this late-night breakbeat roller. On ‘Eternal Lids’ the break rolls throughout the track incessantly, while the Reese bass — harking back to early-90s jungle — travels alongside it. There’s almost a hint of speed garage and the darker end of UKG to the track, but with an overall raw-like feel of 1990s MPC-led hip-house cuts. The Gary Numan-esque synth stabs that come in later on echo off into the ether.

Music · 30 October 2023
One half of breakbeat duo Evil Nine, Tom Beaufoy, is due to release his debut solo album ‘Absolute Melt’ early next February on Out Yer Box, the sister label to Irvine Welsh’s Jack Said What label. The album distils a wide range Tom’s musical influences including breakbeat, soul, funk, hip-hop, hardcore, house, into a succession of beatscapes.
Music · 17 September 2023
One half of breakbeat duo Evil Nine, Tom Beaufoy is gearing up to release his debut solo album as EVL TOM— ‘Absolute Melt’. It’s out in early 2024 on Out Yer Box, the alternative sister label to Jack Said What headed by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh.

Third Bloom
Music · 30 July 2023
Third Bloom has had an interesting life. He caught the music bug at a young age, and was turned onto the likes of Gil Scott Heron, Donald Byrd and acid jazz artists by friends in the early-90s. He then got immersed in D&B, and a lost weekend in Amsterdam ended up lasting over a decade as he dumped his return ticket and submerged himself in the fast invading club culture of the time. 
Scott Booth
Music · 12 June 2023
Created almost entirely with the sounds of an acoustic guitar, Scott Booth releases third single ‘Battleground’ showcasing the expansive darker tones of new album ‘Atavistic’. Scott is a rising artist and musician possibly known for his acoustic guitar virtuosity and live performances, and now releasing the single through the newly established label, Out Yer Box Records on June.

Cousn & Scott Booth
Music · 03 June 2023
Scott Booth fuses an acoustic guitar to make electronic music as he fuses it with techno-inspired electronic dance music, creating melodies with one hand, percussion with another, and sound-twisting effects with his feet and pedals.