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Mark Williams
Music · 29 December 2023
After an eight-year hiatus, Mark Williams returned in July with ‘Bring You Love’ on Ben Sims’ imprint, seeing club support from Surgeon, DJ Bone, Alienta, Rodhad, Tasha and more. Now, the Hardgroove proponent is back with the ‘Hornchurch Hustlers EP’ to close out the year.
Music · 17 November 2023
time friend of Ben Sims. This week, he drops 'Legal Vacuum', his first full EP for Sims' imprint, and unleashes four cuts on the label that defines the Hardgroove sound.

Music · 25 May 2023
Hurdslenk joins Ben Sims’ Hardgroove imprint with the four-tracker EP ‘Half Full’. The Durham-based artist follows up music on Reclaim Your City and Out of Place with the release this month.
Casual Treatment
Music · 30 April 2023
Axis, Hayes and Children of Tomorrow artist Casual Treatment makes his Hardgroove debut with the ‘Inner Urge’ EP. Melvyn Ortega, aka Casual Treatment, delivers six tracks to make up his first EP for Ben Sims’ imprint this month. 

Ben Sims & Mark Broom
Music · 30 December 2022
The ‘Circular Motions’ EP features two new tracks from Broom and three from Sims' vaults. Broom opens the EP with ‘Nothing to Do’, a propulsive track that counterpoints its drum track with vocals and a solitary horn stab. Sims opens his account on ‘Circular Motion’ with an updated version of his 2013 limited-release vinyl-only track ‘Unity’, a churning and percussive production with snaking melodies. 
Music · 27 November 2022
Liverpool’s Tenzella steps up for his debut appearance on Ben Sims’ Hardgroove this moth with the six-track ‘Hard Grind’ EP. While the rhythmic intensity of the tracks are drivingly present throughout, each track on the EP brings a distinct direction.

Inox Traxx
Music · 27 October 2022
After dropping ‘House of Wax’ on Ben Sims’ Symbolism in 2021, Inox Traxx jumps across to sister-label Hardgroove to deliver the five-track ‘Snap Into My Sonic’ EP this month.
Black Girl/White Girl
Music · 13 June 2022
After working with Ben Sims’ Symbolism with the ‘Galaxian’ compilation track in 2021, Black Girl/White Girl make their EP debut on his Hardgroove imprint this month with the ‘Fluid Humanism EP. Bassy, swinging and grounded with rhythm tracks, the EP is all about throwing down. The bass, percussion and vocal sample-driven ‘Ascension’ opens with a distinct Dance Mania aesthetic that continues throughout the three-tracker.

Music · 09 April 2022
South Africa’s Deano debuts on Hardgroove. Comprising five originals and a remix from techno artist Mark Broom, ‘Paleo’ finds DJ/producer and Knowledge label boss Deano in form.
Elisa Bee
Music · 20 February 2022
After appearances on sister-label, Symbolism, Italy’s Elisa Bee drops her debut Hardgroove release this month with the ‘Send Me A Vision EP’. Throughout the EP, it’s weighty drums and rhythms that provide a thread, but the productions range from the house-licked funk of ‘Offline Matters’ to the urgency of ‘Headspinner’.