Elisa Bee

After appearances on sister-label, Symbolism, Italy’s Elisa Bee drops her debut Hardgroove release this month with the ‘Send Me A Vision EP’. Throughout the EP, it’s weighty drums and rhythms that provide a thread, but the productions range from the house-licked funk of ‘Offline Matters’ to the urgency of ‘Headspinner’. 

Sandwiched between, is the percussive techno production ‘Send Me A Vision’ and the acid-infused ‘Tell Me More’. 


The EP is Elisa’s second outing for one of Ben Sims’ imprints, continuing a run of productions that have seen her crop up on Dance Trax, Balkan Vinyl and Kneaded Pains in the past few years. 


Elisa Bee’s ‘Send Me A Vision Ep’ is out on Hardgroove now.

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