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Lifestyle · 03 September 2020
Plastic pollution is still a problem of global proportions. The already plastic-ridden oceans have to endure an influx of eight million tons of plastic every year, and it has proven very difficult to decrease this amount despite numerous initiatives.

Music · 04 August 2020
As is possibly the case with many high-profile artists that have been around for as long as Armin van Buuren has, they’ll have many remixes, versions and bootlegs of original records that haven’t been released.

Music · 29 April 2020
Armin van Buuren has just released the brand-new instalment of his A State Of Trance mix album series: ‘A State Of Trance 2020’.

Music · 21 March 2020
After teasing his new ‘Balance’ remixes for weeks on end, Armin van Buuren now gets set to bring the full remix album to light.

Music · 13 December 2019
2019 was apparently a big year for Armin van Buuren.

Music · 19 October 2019
Just one week before the release of Armin van Buuren’s seventh artist album, a collab emerges as the most recent single to come off of ‘Balance’.

Clubbing · 31 August 2019
Armin van Buuren recently started sharing a very personal documentary about the early days of his musical career.

Music · 11 August 2019
When you get to celebrate the milestone number of 1500 label releases, you probably need to choose the right track for the job.

Music · 29 July 2019
It’s been 20 years since Armin van Buuren first emerged with a single under his Rising Star moniker, and he’s been making tracks ever since.