Richard Durand & Christian Burns

Richard Durand & Christian Burns

Putting 2022 on notice, Richard Durand follows up his HALIENE-sung ‘Give Your Heart A Home’ with a new team-up with Christian Burns. It’s a case of ‘from one Home to another’ too, as ‘Almost Home’ sees Richard serve the final-stage release ahead of his new ‘Reactivate’ LP.

As those with good memories will remember, Richard and Christian already share a professional history. As ‘Night & Day’ now has ten candles on its cake though, the pair considered a studio reunion long overdue.


In deference to Christian’s ability to convey story through lyric, the original mix’s spotlight is largely given over to his song. Backed by little more than contemplative piano notes and harmonies, Christian delivers a tale of longing that may resonate with many. 


Acting essentially as an emotional overture to his extended version, Richard aims to take the track to the clubs.  


It's out now on Magik Muzik / Black Hole Recordings.

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