Dennis Sheperd X Sunlounger

 Dennis Sheperd | Sunlounger

Following its announcement earlier in the month, Dennis Sheperd opens the singles account for his forthcoming ‘Find The Sunrise’ album. ‘I Can Feel’ is the first release to studio-unite Dennis with fellow countrymen Roger ‘Sunlounger’ Shah with a track that’s a two-hander created by artists with their own individual sounds, and an appreciation of each other’s.

Dennis Sheperd
Dennis Sheperd

The prowl of its moody bass, its percussion and analogue sub-synths have Dennis’ fingerprints all over them, whereas the Balearic longing of its Med-headed drop and the yen of its Shah-leaning song meanwhile are all inherently Roger. 


Featured as a chill out track on the recently released, ‘In Search Of Sunrise 16’, Dennis’ plan was always to advance it into a more energised form and here the pair deliver a peak-time, summery production.


‘Find The Sunrise’ – Dennis Sheperd’s third studio album – will be released in Jan 2021.

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