Armin van Buuren Feat. NE-YO

Armin van BuuREN | NE-YO

Just one week before the release of Armin van Buuren’s seventh artist album, a collab emerges as the most recent single to come off of ‘Balance’. A link-up with R&B/pop artist NE-YO, ‘Unlove You’ sees the artists explore the subject of a recognisable post-breakup dilemma in their own unique way. The track delivers its lyrical message with accuracy whilst sporting a club-tinged groove. With vocals, beats and yrics that aim straight for the soul, this track aims to show that being open-minded can unlock a whole new world of possibilities.


Armin van Buuren: “Part of the beauty of having no limitations at all in the studio is that I get to work with the most talented people no matter what ‘genre’ they’re in, and NE-YO is no exception. It’s an honour to have worked together. We both built a legacy in our own respective scenes, and I’m grateful we were able to bridge the gap between them through ‘Unlove You’.”


NE-YO: “I already loved this song because of its subject matter, as it's familiar territory. But Armin's musical interpretation takes it to a whole other level. The energy is contagious!”


Las Vegas native, NE-YO, born Shaffer Smith, apparently became known as a go-to hitmaker, penning tracks like Rihanna’s ‘Unfaithful’, ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Take a Bow’, Beyonce’s 2006 breakup track ‘Irreplaceable’, and Mario’s sugary breakout single ‘Let Me Love You’. 

His first single, 2005’s ‘So Sick’, went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and was certified quadruple platinum. Since then, the triple Grammy winner has racked up a collection of hits, including ‘Sexy Love’, ‘Closer’, ‘Because of You’ and ‘Miss Independent’.


Prior to the release of the full ‘Balance’ album on 25 October, Armin van Buuren already released a handful of new tracks from the album - ‘Waking Up With You’ (feat. David Hodges), ‘Mr. Navigator’ (with Tempo Giusto), ‘It Could Be’ (with Inner City), ‘High On Your Love’ (feat. James Newman), ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ (feat. Matluck) and ‘All Comes Down’ (feat. Cimo Fränkel). 


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