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Luca Le Bleu featuring Arthur Brown & WaskionKey
Music · 01 July 2024
In the late 60s, a young experimental performer formed a new band after he moved back to London in the psychedelic era. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown saw singer Arthur take to the stage in flamboyant costumes, freaky make-up and an ornamental helmet on his head that burned with real fire. This was especially poignant when the band performed ‘Fire’, a single that would shoot to the top of the charts in the UK, Canada and the USA when released to an unsuspecting public in 1968.
Music · 01 April 2024
ASOY returns for his third EP on Jack Said What, showcasing the variety of his sound palette. ‘Metaxy Mas’ means ‘between us’ in Greek (‘Μεταξύ μας’) and completes his trilogy of releases for the label. ‘D Drive’ takes a little time to build up steam before the beats start bouncing and the B-line wiggling. It levels out into widescreen psychedelic expansion for its protracted breakdown before dropping back into its groove again.

Chad Jackson & Steve Mac
Music · 15 February 2024
For some reason, the Jack Said What (JSW) crew can’t help saying Chad Jackson’s name affectionately. It probably stems from the time that JSW associate Klaus Blatter immortalised Chad in one of his songs, his origin story ‘Ball Bearing Factory’. Chad reputedly met Klaus in the 1980s, when Chad was a resident at the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester.
Serge Santiago
Music · 01 October 2023
Surging ahead with his next single on Jack Said What, Serge Santiago is doing well just now. His ’11:11’ album, released on 11 November 2022, was full of 4/4 dancefloor tracks, and he’s already well on the way to album number two.

Steve Mac & Cut La Roc Presents ‘CLM’
Music · 06 July 2023
Summer’s here and sometimes you can’t beat a bit of filtered disco house. The new single, ‘Incredible’ from Cut La Mac (CLM) is a filtered disco record and marks the first anniversary of the label Jack said What headed by author Irvine Welsh, producer Steve Mac and journalist Carl Loben.
Steve Mac Ft. Alana Maria
Music · 23 April 2023
Detroit. The Motor City. The home of Motown, and also the birthplace of techno. Otherwise known as The 313 after its telephone area code, the city has played a pivotal part in music history. As a homage to Detroit, Steve Mac has produced ‘The 313’ with singer/songwriter Alana Maria.