Steve Mac & Cut La Roc Presents ‘CLM’

Steve Mac & Cut La Roc Presents ‘CLM’

Summer’s here and sometimes you can’t beat a bit of filtered disco house. The new single, ‘Incredible’ from Cut La Mac (CLM) is a filtered disco record and marks the first anniversary of the label Jack said What headed by author Irvine Welsh, producer Steve Mac and journalist Carl Loben.

This is the 22nd release on the label and is co-produced by Cut La Roc, who is the Skint Records veteran who has spent half a lifetime scratching records and looping breaks. He recently hooked up with Jack Said What big boss Steve Mac — himself also a hip-hop and disco aficionado — in the studio to come up with ‘Incredible’. 


Steve Mac: “I had a love for filtered disco in the mid-90s from my Rhythm Masters days, when I first got inspired by the second coming of Chicago artists via the likes of Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak and Mark Farina. Me and Lee La Roc both share a passion for crate-digging and we caught a vibe off this loop and threw it into my old school analogue machines. We messed around for a while, and this is what we came up with.”


The track is set to spearhead a summer full of feel-good house music. A filtered disco groove, it lands on the first birthday of the label. 

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