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Chad Jackson & Steve Mac
Music · 15 February 2024
For some reason, the Jack Said What (JSW) crew can’t help saying Chad Jackson’s name affectionately. It probably stems from the time that JSW associate Klaus Blatter immortalised Chad in one of his songs, his origin story ‘Ball Bearing Factory’. Chad reputedly met Klaus in the 1980s, when Chad was a resident at the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester.
Chad Jackson
Music · 21 March 2023
Chad Jackson is the DMC World DJ Scratch Champion, producer, Top 5 UK Chart artist, TOTP’s performer and Hacienda Club resident. After the growth of hip-hop during the 1980s, turntablism — scratching vinyl on record decks — became huge. The DMC World DJ Championships began in 1985, and in their second year a young hip-hop fiend from Manchester named Chad Jackson came second in the competition. The following year he won it.