Apparently one of Purified Records’ most anticipated IDs from Nora En Pure’s recent sets, German producer Lexer’s ‘Closemouthed’ marks his label debut. Combining vocals with an uplifting arrangement, the creation takes listeners on an energetic ride that fuses modern elements with a classic touch.


Lexer: “‘Closemouthed’ is for me a perfect summer track that brings a good mood and atmosphere. The melodic chords with the vocals make this track the perfect combination.”


Growing up in the East German town of Leipzig, from a young age Lexer would spend his weekends travelling to nightclubs, absorbing his friends’ DJ sets and sending them his favourite tracks to play out – until he decided to keep those tracks for himself. He apparently gained recognition for his house sets and turned his hand to producing at 18 years old. His first track ‘My Princess’ helped push his name as a melodic house artist.


His sound evolved from melodic to deep house with his 2015 album ‘Nowhere Else’ on Kontor Records. In 2019, he revealed ‘Felina’, marking a transitional moment in his artistic journey – a pivot from house to techno with harder, faster and big-room-ready productions. 


With Lane 8 being an early inspiration in his musical journey, This Never Happened became the home for his creations, after dance music artist and label boss Lane 8 approached him as a fan of his work. He released his double-single ‘Gemini Bridges / Room 4242’ towards the end of 2020 and ‘Gemini Bridges’ remained in Spotify’s editorial playlist Night Rider for well over a year. In 2022, he revealed his album ‘The First Last Day’, showcasing another side to his sound.


The ‘Closemouthed’ artwork displays a shot of corals on the ocean floor, captured by underwater photographer Daniel Nicholson. 

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