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Jono Stephenson
Music · 05 May 2024
Returning to Purified Records with a new cut, South African producer Jono Stephenson delivers ‘Midnight Sun’ featuring Australian vocalist Haptic. Five years after hearing Haptic’s vocals on a collaboration with Fideles, Jono unites with the Australian artist on the track.
Purified Fragments
Music · 04 January 2024
Purified Fragments recently returned for its 17th instalment. Featuring three productions, this compilation showcased music by Italian producer birø, Polish artist Rafa’EL and Argentine duo Cimmerian & Luciano F.

Music · 12 December 2023
California-based producer PEPPERJVCK makes his Purified Records debut, apparently revealing one of the label’s most sought-after IDs, ‘Believe’, which is out now on all streaming platforms. Combining vocals with percussion, it strikes a balance between dance-inducing elements and sentimental tones and his blend of deep and progressive house has caught the attention of various artists.
Music · 12 November 2023
Marking their inaugural release with a three-track offering, Max Styler and Spencer Howard’s newly formed duo Habitatt recently introduced their soothing sound with their ‘See’ EP on Purified Records. Exploring melodic territories, the title track meanders across an undulating sonic pathway, combining soaring notes and vocals with basslines.

Music · 24 October 2023
Following his Purified Records debut ‘Stay Connected’ earlier this year, Ovadia returns to the imprint to reveal his ‘Spiral’ EP. Employing bass and hypnotic chants to effect, the track is a hard-hitting number.
Dee Montero
Music · 11 August 2023
Making a label debut, Belfast-born producer Dee Montero graces Purified Records with his two-track ‘Aquila’ EP which is out now on all streaming platforms.Inviting listeners into his melodic dimension, the title track combines keys, percussion and synths to set the tone. The track ebbs and flows across its duration.

Corren Cavini
Music · 11 June 2023
Dutch producer Corren Cavini makes his Purified Records debut with his diverse two-track ‘Melancholy Party’ EP. The title track is a cut featuring piano chords, synths and gentle percussion. Shining a light on the delicate side of his musical capabilities, the track aims to leave a lasting impression on the listener.
Return Of The Jaded
Music · 15 April 2023
Following his remix of Crimsen and Jordan Arts’ ‘I Still Think Of You’ last year, Canada-based producer Return Of The Jaded is back on Purified Records with his track ‘Kontinuum’.

Music · 30 January 2023
Following his label debut, ‘Hunter’, which has amassed over one million streams on Spotify since its release in August 2022, Purified Records welcomes back German producer Rezident with his two-track EP ‘Inner Circle’.
Music · 16 December 2020
Combining their abilities for a three-track offering, Grazze & Nuage come together for the collaborative EP, ‘Aulos’ , which is out now on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records.