Groove Armada Feat. Stush | Mark Knight

Toolroom Records recently releasesd this new remix that features Groove Armada, Stush and Mark Knight. Groove Armada have been releasing music for over 20 years, with huge singles and albums released globally. 

‘Get Down’ is apparently considered one of the Holy Grail records of their back catalogue and Mark Knight’s remix aims to present the record to a new audience. 


The Toolroom founder jumped at the chance to get his hands on the track’s parts and has delivered a possible peak-time club version that is apparently already working on dancefloors for the likes of Danny Howard and Dombresky.


Fusing the vocals from Stush and the classic Groove Armada synth line, coupled with the energy and groove of the remix, this may well be a dancefloor weapon for 2024.

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