Robert & Lyric Hood’s house and techno project, Floorplan return to Luke Solomon’s Classic imprint with ‘Like Dat’. As an early member of Detroit’s Underground Resistance, Robert understands what it is to be the vanguard of a genre - now celebrating his faith through gospel-inspired dance music with his daughter Lyric. 

Together as Floorplan, the pair have built a strong relationship with Classic over the years, earning the respect of artists like Seth Troxler, Dan Shake, TSHA and Jamie Jones thanks to their gospel house and techno sound.


Recent releases like ‘We Give Thee Honor / Makes Me Wanna’ and ‘The Curse Breaker / What You Need’ possibly proved Floorplan’s willingness to show their full talent at every turn. 


Now they continue this trend with ‘Like Dat’, a techno release aimed for long club nights, accented by percussive sections and vocal stabs that cut through.


Floorplan ‘Like Dat’ is out via Classic Music Company on 2 February.

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