Purified Fragments

Purified Fragments

Purified Fragments recently returned for its 17th instalment. Featuring three productions, this compilation showcased music by Italian producer birø, Polish artist Rafa’EL and Argentine duo Cimmerian & Luciano F.

Opening with ‘Løst It All’, birø combines intricate instrumentation with  vocals. Floating into ‘Soulmotion’, Rafa’EL crafts a soundscape with encompassing strings and synths. Closing the compilation with Cimmerian & Luciano F’s ‘Interconnect’, the producers aimed to invite listeners into a dimension, brimming with synths and melodies.


The Fragments XVII artwork displays a photograph of a jellyfish by Daniel Nicholson. Ancient inhabitants of the seas, these gelatinous organisms encompass a wide variety of species, and have evolved an array of survival strategies, from venomous tentacles to bioluminescence. Their population dynamics, influenced by factors like warming waters and nutrient-rich habitats, underscore their adaptability to changing environments. 


Studying jellyfish's ecological roles is crucial as they influence marine food webs and serve as indicators of ocean health. Organisations like the Marine Biological Association contribute to the ongoing scientific exploration of jellyfish, shedding light on their importance in the larger context of marine ecosystems. Lack of comprehensive data makes it challenging to assess the conservation status of most jellyfish species according to the IUCN Red List. 


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