Art Of Tones & Inaya Day

Art Of Tones & Inaya Day

French artist Art Of Tones collaborates with house music’s Inaya Day for the Glitterbox release, ‘Give My Love’. A moniker of longstanding producer Ludovic Llorca, Art Of Tones was created in the noughties as an outlet for his edgier house and disco work, leading to releases including house ‘The Rainbow Song’ and his first Art Of Tones album ‘Unbalanced’ in 2018. 

For this latest release, Ludovic enlists American songwriter Inaya, possibly known for house tracks including Mousse T.’s ‘Horny’, Harry Romero’s ‘Rise Up’ and Prince cover ‘Nasty Girl’. 


From the very start, the track is dripping in the modern sound of disco these two are part of, with Inaya’s vocal and songwriting supported by Ludovic’s instrumentation.


‘Give Me Love’ is out 20 October on Glitterbox Recordings.

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