The Illustrious Blacks

The Illustrious Blacks

Theatrical storytelling meets funk and jazz for ‘Kaleidoscopic Planet’, a house track from musical duo The Illustrious Blacks on Classic. The self-proclaimed ‘Afro-Electro-Disco-Space-Punks’, comprising of Manchildblack and Monstah Black may be known for their eccentric image, live performances and queer-centric approach to dance music.

This has earned them spots on music stages globally, including NYC’s House Of Yes, Glitterbox Ibiza and Ministry of Sound to name a few. 


Their latest single is a technicolour amalgamation of what makes the duo popular around the world; their no-holds-barred approach to genre meets narrative wonder as the pair take you to ‘Kaleidoscopic Planet’.


It’s out 25 August.

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