Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer continues to be busy this year. Following his track ‘Legend’, he then had a collaboration with Green Velvet on ‘Simulator’. Now as 2023 passes the half way mark, he returns with two new productions. 

Adam Beyer
Adam Beyer

Title track ‘Robotic Arms’ is both expansive and immersive, a composition that was six months in the making, as drums and a chord melody rub shoulders with a vocal that references AI entering the creative space and the intriguing unknown consequences that will result. 


Adam Beyer: “I’m fascinated by this and curious to see how it develops, as it’s both a threat for artists, while also being an opportunity to utilise this technology when making art.”


‘No Hate’ is the sonic contrast, a raw and dirty roller propelled by rhythmic percussion and a strident vocal line. A ‘Trippy Mix’ of ‘No Hate’ rounds out the release.


Both tracks have been highlights in his recent sets on the summer festival circuit, as well as his Hï Ibiza residency.

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