Eddie Fowlkes

Eddie Fowlkes

Following the release of ‘AHYEE / Blow’ earlier in 2023, the techno soul DJ/producer Eddie Fowlkes delivers another two-track package of house drenched in Motor City inspiration. ‘Talking To Me / Complex’ is aimed at the underground; polyrhythms and timbres synergise to create sonic sounds for this release. 

For the lead track the Detroit artist makes use of a distinctive spoken-word vocal over an expansive and rhythmically intricate accompaniment, celebrating the culture through sampling and production techniques. 


‘Complex’ is more beat-focused, with a four-on-the-floor pattern supporting driving synth rhythms. Since producing some of the very first techno records in the ‘80s, Fowlkes’ has aimed to build his reputation as an innovator with his ear for house music.


It’s out on Classic Music Company on 19 May.

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