As artists in their own right, Sue McLaren and Suzanne Chesterton have covered a good deal of stylistic ground. However, as Siskin, they’ve shaped, focused and honed that into their artistic quintessence, doing it all in a little over 12 months and, as of today, seven singles as they sign off their ‘Seratonin EP’ with ‘Always You’.

Every listen of the track after your first brings its subtle sub-tone that much closer to the sonic fore. Behind the feel of its vocals and sanguine title lies its true meaning, which is lyrically related in a laid-bare, openhanded manner. 


Mirroring it, its production also shifts from the trance left-foot to the progressive right as its percussion and bass emphasis expands, bringing with it a track you could possibly listen to on-loop all day long.


It’s out now on Black Hole Recordings.

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