Paul van Dyk, Chris Bekker & Jan Dzialek

Paul van Dyk, Chris Bekker & Jan Dzialek

With a few releases already this summer including ‘Artefact’ and ‘Two Rivers’, Paul van Dyk continues with his next production ‘Rhapsody’ and he’s bringing Chris Bekker and Jan Dzialek along for the ride.

Paul van Dyk

As the fifth episode of the ‘Off The Record’ series, ‘Rhapsody’ aims for a fresh edge for a new generation, presenting how Paul aims to push the boundaries of creativity in his productions. 


Chris Bekker, known for his progressive house and melodic tech records alongside van Dyk including ‘Berlinition’ and ‘Velvet Sky’, dropped ‘Rhapsody’ as a teaser on Shine Ibiza’s stage at the Dance Valley festival last weekend. Quite the debut for newcomer Jan Dzialek, who rounds off the German talents trio with his initiation on VANDIT Records.


Taking the reigns with a polyphony that is belonging to the trance realm, it utilises a rhythm that builds through layers of slicing synths that are then followed by a structured bass. As the track leans into the progressive, the tempo grows ever more euphoric, interspersed with sustained key notes and atmospherics.

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