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Music · 15 September 2020
After a release-road that’s been a real-time echo of the world’s prevailing events, Paul van Dyk’s latest artist album, ‘Guiding Light’, finally got released last week. Many would perhaps see Paul as the album’s titular guiding light, but to PvD its meaning couldn’t be more contrary as the album is inherently about others, and to the greatest possible degree, one in particular.

Music · 28 April 2020
Earlier this month, Paul van Dyk released his long-form music project, ‘Escape Reality’ - a personal project that he’s had in process for some time now.

Music · 21 February 2020
‘Duality’ is the second single to be released from Paul van Dyk’s forthcoming album ‘Guiding Light’.

Clubbing · 27 August 2019
Paul van Dyk is back in album-mode, recently announcing an autumn tour across North America, ahead of a new album in early 2020.