Paul van Dyk & Fuenka

Paul van Dyk & Fuenka

Paul van Dyk's latest offering, 'Artefact' alongside UK duo Fuenka, is another track from his 11th studio album ‘The Record’. It comes from his Off The Record segment of the project that focus on deeper releases to showcase another element in the producer's arsenal.

The follow-up to his recent album singles, the track aims to prime the listener for a joyful voyage. Taking cascading rhythmic melody, a thick bassline, it then introduces a fuller body to the song's underbelly.


Building tension with a push-and-pull of attributes that weave throughout, both producers then bring in cinematic, spacious pockets to allow dominant elements to rise. 


Through his VANDIT imprint, van Dyk continues to push the scene with dancefloor tracks, whilst his weekly VONYC Sessions radio show recently passed its 820th episode. 


Fuenka is a rising duo hailing from the UK, bringing releases across various labels. Having collaborated with names including Paul Thomas, John 00 Fleming, and now, Paul van Dyk, their shows across events, including Luminosity and ADE, have apparently ‘showcased them in a recontextualised fashion’.


'Artefact' from Paul van Dyk and Fuenka is out now on VANDIT.

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