Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt is the voice behind various club and radio tracks, with collaborations for Tiesto, Armin, 3LAU, Cosmic Gate, Aly & Fila, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Chris Lake, Ilan Bluestone and more. Now, Emma is releasing her first solo single in a good few years and this organic release - parts of which are even now still in process - begins with the Original and nowifi Remix of ‘Into My Arms’.

Produced by downtempo artist Robert ‘Robot’ Koch (and co-produced by Anthony Hewitt, Emma Hewitt, Tim Henwood), the Original version puts Emma’s ability to touch listeners and audiences with thoughts and song at the foreground of the mix.


Tonally, nowifi’s remix picks right up where the Original ends, with the German producer keeping Emma’s voice centre stage. Only in its latter stages does he begin to underpin it with swaying floor rhythms, tropically-touched percussion and melodic engagements.   


The track’s out now on Black Hole Recordings.

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