Sophie Lloyd feat. Pauline Taylor

Sophie Lloyd feat. Pauline Taylor

With ‘Angels By My Side', Sophie Lloyd delivered another release on Classic Music Company, powered by a leading topline from Pauline Taylor over a disco-driven, bassline. Aiming to be an anthem in waiting, father-daughter duo Robert and Lyric Hood, best known as Floorplan, now gear up to deliver their remix package, including a potential floor filling Main Mix and synth padded Dub. 

Classic Music Company veterans, the two apparently deliver evergreen records on the imprint, providing multi-dimensional cuts with club appeal, much like their 2021 releases ‘Right There / Holy Ghost’ and ‘Get My Mansion Ready / Out Of Control’. 


Born out of a desire to explore Robert’s soulful, spiritual influences, the project continues to evolve into a family affair as daughter Lyric moves further into the fold. 


It's out 10 June.

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