Two years to the month since his 20-track-strong ‘Transcend’ complement arrived, Northern Irish born and based Aaron ‘Fonzerelli’ McClelland is back, with the album ‘Silent Dreams & Misguided Stories’.

Over its 20 tracks, the album casts its net wide in a number of ways. While its title may sound fanciful, it’s also more telling than first appears. With a penchant for reverb, chime, slow warp and other more evocative aspects, the album has a possible dreamlike quality to it. 


In tandem, nearly all of its tracks are detailed with songs that aim to reach way beyond mere breezy toplines. Each encounter brings new layers of meaning, while lament purposefully touches a good few of Aaron’s ‘Misguided’ tales. 


Both the original and extended versions of ‘Silent Dreams & Misguided Stories’ are released on 27 May on Black Hole Recordings.

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