Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten

What The F is the culmination of Ferry Corsten’s work “rehashed, remixed, reinvented with a futuristic approach.” A new live show concept, What The F, will journey through Ferry’s entire work, segueing across various genre iterations and infusing new ideas to known tracks alongside undiscovered material. It aims to be the absolute and complete Ferry Corsten fan experience.

Ferry Corsten: “Over the years, I have become enchanted by the diverse range of all this music I’ve made. Much of which I’ve never played out live. From house to progressive to more techy sounds to stuff many people probably have no idea I made or make. Even I’d forgotten about some of it, but there I was, sat with probably 13-15 hours including all my future unreleased music. 


“I’ve always wanted to do an open-to-close show exclusively with my own material. I’ve been down the classics sets route, even done producer sets with specific aliases, but ‘What The F’ could I do with all this music together in one night? And then it hit me, ‘What would an open-to-close repertoire set be like if I re-worked all this material.”


What The F will be the first time in his career that people will have the opportunity to experience every aspect of his range as a DJ and producer. He will merge his entire catalogue of work to create a show that infuses the past with a future approach.  


Ferry will launch this new show concept in the place where much of it all began - Ministry of Sound in London.  

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