Connect Music Festival

Connect Music Festival

The Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh was recently announced as the venue for the newest addition to Scotland’s festival calendar - Connect Music Festival, which will take place between 26-28 August. The venue has been selected by Festival organisers DF Concerts & Events due to both its rural feel and the ability to make the event as accessible as possible for festival-goers from across the country. The venue enjoys great transport links, with attendees easily able to access the site by train, tram and bus, which in turn supports the Festival’s wider sustainability ambitions. 

Connect Music Festival

DF Concerts & Events CEO, Geoff Ellis: “We are delighted to be announcing the Royal Highland Centre as our new festival home for Connect. During initial planning discussions around the relaunch of Connect, we realised that we had to make some changes and to remaster the original festival proposition for today’s audiences.  


"One of the biggest considerations we had was around public transport and ensuring the event was accessible to festival-goers from across the country. The Royal Highland Centre provides a purpose-built event site that is readily accessible by public transport for each of the three days. This not only makes it easy for festival goers to attend but hugely supports our ambition to deliver a more sustainable festival now and into the future.”


Festival Manager, Katt Lingard: “As a team, we are really excited about bringing Connect to life within the grounds of The Royal Highland Centre. It’s a very unique site and it gives us a fantastic opportunity to create a truly sustainable approach to the festival experience.


“One of the biggest attractions of our new home, is the site’s permanent infrastructure and existing facilities. These play a crucial role in realising our sustainability ambitions for the festival.


“Although we are still very much in the planning stages, Connect’s audience will be at the heart of both its content and design. We are so excited to welcome our guests, showing them everything that Connect has to offer - from incredible artists and entertainment to our focus on wellness and the arts, all served alongside a fabulous range food and drink.”


Connect is an entirely new festival experience but retains many of the qualities and ethos of its namesake from 2007 and 2008 and will feature leftfield talent from grassroots through to the headliners. In addition to amazing music there will be a wealth of unique, remarkable and experiences to immerse yourself in.

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