Roland Leesker

Roland Leesker

Roland Leesker's latest single on Get Physical comes with remixes from Terrence Parker and K'Alexi Shelby. As the Managing Director of the label, Roland is on a run of form, having put out singles like last year's 'Circuit Funk' and 'No Way Out' with Neil Barber, as well as collaborating with Roland Clark on ‘WTF!’ and crafting a cover of ‘Crazy.’ 

His sounds may bring something fresh to the floor, and 'Haus Music' is a track with stabs, percussion and kicks. Old school energy abounds as a vocal repeats the title over and over and the piano chords build the pressure. 


First to remix is Detroit artist Terrence Parker, possibly known for his Your Love' single. He brings spiritualism and gospel emotion to his work and here he layers in those elements once more with organ chords, locked-in grooves and drum funk that may appeal to all house heads. 


K'Alexi Shelby is a Windy City atist who makes bumping, raw house music both solo and with the likes of Larry Heard and Robert Owens. The veteran goes for an acid-laced remix with synth energy and clipped drums, aimed to inject high energy into any set. 


It’s out 18 February.

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