Thomas Hessler

Thomas Hessler

Thomas Hessler joins Ben Sims’ Symbolism label this month with the ‘Intermission EP’. Berlin-based Hessler, known for his output on Marcel Fengler’s IMF, turns in four tracks that embrace melody as much as peak time heft. 

‘Intermission’ opens with staccato stabs punctuated with percussive hits while he utilises a myriad of tension/release tactics with his arrangement. 


‘Horizon’ kicks off with brooding intensity as it aims to open up into the sort of cinematic beauty that has people clambering to drop a ‘Track ID?’ wherever possible. 


Before returning to emotive melody with the electro-influenced keys of closer, ‘Hall’, Hessler drops in the awness of the appropriately titled ‘The Collider’. 


Thomas Hessler’s ‘Intermission EP’ is out now on Symbolism.

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