Future Disco Dance Club

Future Disco Dance Club

Following Future Disco’s apparently sold out party at Number 90 in October, the Dance Club returns to the canal-side spot in Hackney on 29th of January for another all-night affair. This time, they bring the bright lights of the Technicolour Discotheque.

Heading up the bill is Italo disco artist, Musumeci who’s apparently established himself as a DJ and purveyor of the scene since the late-80s. He aims to bring a true Italo disco flavour to proceedings all the way from Sicily. Joining him is Alan Dixon, whose synth sound has graced labels such as Running Back and Permanent Vacation. Rounding off the guests is Lulah Francs and Future Disco album compiler and resident Sean Brosnan. 


‘A technicolor discotheque wouldn’t be complete without a riot of colour’, so expect additional lighting and colourful discotheque decor to celebrate the end of possibly the most painful and absonant month in the calendar. 

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