Paul van Dyk & Kolonie

Paul van Dyk | Kolonie

After months of isolation and only the digital world to connect through with family, friends and fans, Paul van Dyk is back with brand new music. Together with progressive house artist Kolonie, they release 'Wishful Thinking'. 

Paul van Dyk | Image by Christoph Köstlin
Paul van Dyk (Image by Christoph Köstlin)

The intensity of PvD’s production paired with Kolonie's progressiveness create a piece of music which aims to hit your sweet spot over and over again.


Secretly premiered at Transmission Festival Prague and EDC Las Vegas, the track single is served in three ways. The original pairs a melody with progressive vibes, the PvD Club Mix takes no prisoners - a possible trance fan pleaser start to finish. The third mix is an outlook into the future – an NFT-only release. Look out for more info coming soon.


Paul van Dyk & Kolonie’s ‘Wishful Thinking’ is out now on Vandit Records.

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