It’s been five years since Marcello Pacheco released ‘Wolves’, his book and album project. A producer apparently at ease working inspiration-by-inspiration, Eco’s left his discography largely untouched since. Now the New Jersey born-and-still-based producer’s next LP project nears completion and with details of the album-to-come remaining under wraps, ‘Let You Down’ is the first single produced from it and is out now. 

If there’s possibly one element no Eco track’s ever been short of, it’s mood, and the track aims not about to become the exception! If anything Marcello upticks that aspect again, using a thumping but decidedly progressive chassis to direct intricately atmospheric layers of sound towards cooler clubfloors. 


Its indie-rock-ish vocal, subtlest of pianos trims, (far more foreground) guitar elements, percussion and more sombre synths all assemble to attempt a draw-you-in appeal. 


With remixes already in the pipeline and more not-too-distant-future material circling for release, ‘Let You Down’ is out now on Black Hole Recordings.

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